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Hack the Badge

About the Badge

Are you excited about our Hackable BCPen and CPen badges? Here is a little sneak peek into what the badge consists of and how to hack the badge.
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The Badges are pre-programmed. Each badges contains the following major components:
  • LEDs (8 LEDs on circumference, 2 LEDs on both-sides of Star, 2 LEDs around SecOps logo).
  • Buttons (One for circumference LED control, One for Enter/Exit/Save Inputs, One for binary 0, One for binary 1).
  • Programmable Chip]
  • Registers
  • Two-way on-off switch
  • 3V Cell
  • Cell holder
What can you do with all 4 Buttons?
  • Button (L)
    • All 8 LEDs on circumference can be controlled by the Button, highlighted with L.
    • You can control the speed of 8 LEDs with this button.
  • Button (P)
    • There are 2 challenges (details to follow) that you need to solve
      • Challenge 1 (Limited Badge Access):
      • Challenge 2 (Full Badge Access):
    • Once you solve the challenges, you will get a binary code something like 10101000 or 10111011 (these are not the actual codes ๐Ÿ˜›).ย  Press this P button to enable the Programming mode and enter the retrieved binary values. Once you provide the binary code and press this button again, it will blink the lights according to the provided code. For example, 10101000 will blink the lights which are around Stars and 10111011 will blink all lights around Stars and SecOps logo.
  • Button (0)
    • To provide Binary value 0.
  • Button (1)
    • To provide Binary value 1.

If you want to reset the Badge and play with it again, you can press the P Button and enter the code 00000000 and again press the P Button to save and reset it.
Secure your badge now.

Hack the Badge

Check the video below and visitย Vulnmachinesย to solve the badge hacking challenge. On solving the challenges, you will receive the binary codes needed to unlock the badge. Happy Hacking.:stuck_out_tongue:

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